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About us

More than a promotional gift superstore, Bizgift can help you grow your business with full service marketing advice

When it comes to making an impression you only get one chance. Getting it right is about instinct, judgement, perception – it’s a knack. And when it comes to promotion, we’ve got the gift: funky merchandise, memorable ideas and top notch buying advice – all just a click away.

Promotional products can be viewed online or you can browse our printed 160-page catalogue (available on request). But even if it’s not in the catalogue, chances are we’ll be able to find it on time and on budget. If you don’t see what you want, or can’t spare the time to search, we’ll do the legwork for you – our buying team loves a challenge!

Bizgift’s unparalleled range of corporate gifts and merchandise is matched by top-notch service: from branded pens to exotic marketing aids, we’ll source your perfect promotion with minimum fuss – at the most competitive price.

Better choice for exhibitions, conferences and product launches

Promote your events more memorably with bespoke packs and brand reminders. Diaries, clocks, watches, mugs, folders and calculators will make your name linger on the tips of visitors’ tongues – not your competitor’s.

Better choice for company gift schemes

We cater for every conceivable kind of company, including yours. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff will happily offer suggestions based on your marketing and promotional plans to make everything come together in one cohesive package.

Better choice for marketing and PR

We’re different from other promotional gift companies in many ways – not least by the way we are able to offer advertising, marketing, exhibition design and PR services that, like our corporate gifts, are of the highest calibre. We excel across the full spectrum of marketing activity: from retail and leisure through to law and pharmaceuticals.

Any occasion or event is more interesting and memorable with promotional giveaways, especially when it’s so easy to order – and at a price that might just suprise you. See what we can do for you.